GSoC (Week 7)

Mentee Name: Anmol

Mentors: Jan-Simon Möller and Marco Solieri

Gist about advancements in this week:

This week I tried to fix the error and freezing of the jailhouse enable qemu-x86.cell, so first I tried to look at its configuration file tried with comparing that configuration to some other configurations like this, it’s the root cell configurations which was modified last year, and I also looked at the root cell configuration present in the jailhouse-images repository which fetched to the build directory of it. After some analysis I found some possible areas for solution, some of these are:

For this, I looked at the jailhouse mailing list for the important follow-ups and looked at some of the related threads, i.e which memory flags are required for the root cell configurations. I found some solutions, but need some more research on it.

I looked at the configuration and haven’t found anything related to missing interrupts, although there was some interrupt I found in the root cell configuration for arm64, and it was also looking very relevant but again, I need to research more about this.

I also found something different in the configuration comparison with the jailhouse-images, below is the code:

File: qemu-x86.c(jailhouse-images)

		.platform_info = {
			.pci_mmconfig_base = 0xb0000000,
			.pci_mmconfig_end_bus = 0xff,
			.x86 = {
				.pm_timer_address = 0x608,
				.vtd_interrupt_limit = 256,
				.iommu_units = {
						.base = 0xfed90000,
						.size = 0x1000,

In the .header of struct jailhouse_system data type, I saw some differences, i.e the .iommu_units in the .platform_info is defined differently in .x86. I am not very sure about this difference and will research more about it and give more concrete conclusions next week.

Also, due to my unit tests, I was not able to work for two days, So I will try to accommodate those on weekends, and will spend some time further on this.

Thanks for reading.

– Anmol